Emma R. Engle (born May 18th, 2003) is an American Model & Actress.

As Emma is a Wonderful Person to me ... makes it hard to write of her work, I could write of the work she has done with me, through EV, for Jesus Christ, while adding ... She has put in work since she was Short, if I were to go down the Path of her income, 1st I would need to say "thats Personal", then ... right to the area of, I know Talent, as she has it. She follows Morals & Dogma in All Walks of Life including her jobs.

From years ago, when she Felt, Followers on EV would be Neat.
I was like ... thats Good Thinking, but, its "Them" that "copies" Eternal Vanity, We don't copy "Them", something like that .... its been years :)
A Thank You, is doe right there ... "Thank You Emma"..

Plus, EV has a Follor or Two)
Pure Hearted Person, with the Inner-G to take a man, and restore his Health, through Christ, to me, thats a Big Deal. I'm that dude.

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