Emma Engle (born May 18th, 2003), with Dork Gold Hard. Emma is an American Model & Actress, She is One of The Owners of itsVanity.com / Eternal Vanity.

Masonry, is important to Emma, as it is a large part of her Life (who she is). Emma is Humble and clear minded, she will take anything negative and turn it positive.

Emma is a "Traveling Lady", from the East to the West, backed by the Shriner's, Freemasons, Accepted Masons & Eternal Vanity.

She is Bold & Shy (Shy to One;) Full of Integrity, in her line of work, she is not only very Talented, and True to her management. Throughout the 2020 "panic", Emma has been strong through the fear of the times, promoting Hope in times we All need reminded of Faith. Family is a large peace in her Life, she has told me about her Family and the Love that she has for Each Member (very Sweet). Pets are important to her, as People know, when a Person Care for Animals Their Heart is Pure.

For me to be Honest about Emma, would only sound as I was not being Real about her. Truth is ... this Woman is Wonderful, this Page speak of her as a "Owner" of Eternal Vanity, because she is. (I) Dustin, being Emma's Man makes her many things, Many Hats ... Ancient Masonic ... as she has already Mastered Arts, We are working on Sience Together. Also meaning that the Writer of this wears a Hat called "Responceablity with You Emma". As Every Man should Respect Their Love.
(Is it okay if I say that on Your Website?
You can tell me to take it down).

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